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Can someone help me solve this right away a swimming pool is formed by ssite intersection of two circles whose radii are both 9m. I just need help getting it there.

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No Author Named Encyclopedia of Photography. New York: Crown, 1984.

The ratio of brown tiles to tan tiles is 2 to 3. Posted by Philip Maymin October 5, at 2:

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Solving Word Problems with Wolfram|Alpha

How many pounds of each type of tea does the merchant use in the blend? The length of msth rectangle is 4 ft longer than twice the width. If the perimeter is 68 ft, find the length and width of the rectangle. Giovanni is visiting his grandmother who lives in a math site to solve problems involving building on the 25th floor.

Giovanni enters the elevator in the lobby, which is the first floor in the building. The elevator stops on the 16th floor.

are math site to solve problems involving controversial predatory

What percentage of floors does Giovanni have left to reach his grandmothers floor? Thank you all for this rich list of new types of word problems. We are working on being able jnvolving process several other types fo word problems, and this list has helped. Biologists tagged fish in a lake on january 1. On february 1 they returned and collected a random sample of 30 fish, 10 of ot had been previously tagged.

On the basis of this experiment, approximately how many fish does the lake have? An agriculture company has 80 tons of type I fertilizer and tons of type II fertilizer. The company mixes these fertilizer into mtah products. Product X requires 2 parts of type I and 1 part of type II fertilizers. Product Y requires 1 part of type I and 3 parts of type II fertilizers. The ratio of brown tiles to tan tiles is 2 to 3.

If an math site to solve problems involving needs 16 brown tiles to complete a mosaic, how many total tiles will the artist need? The refractive index of gases, like air, changes linearly with the pressure according to the equation: Suppose a laser light nm in a double slit experiment produces second bright fringe at 1.

Suddenly the air pressure changes and the third math site to solve problems involving fringe forms at the same angle. By how much did the pressure changed? The slit diatance is imvolving.


A house painter was mixing up different colors to paint his own house. He mixed 3 liters of red paint with 2 liters of blue paint to create purple. He painted his living room with 2, ml of paint. He painted his bedroom with 1, ml. How many milliliters of paint were left over after the house painter finished those two rooms?

Does anyone know if Wolfram Alpha can solve them? To see full output on this page you need to enable JavaScript in your browser. October 4, — Peter Barendse. What do the following two math problems have in common?

Posted math site to solve problems involving Rob Lockhart October 4, at 2: I am a Brazilian blogger, and constantly uses Wolfram Alpha.

math site to solve problems involving Philosophy

The features of Wolfram Alpha and its applications are becoming more refined. I really liked your debate topics for college essays and examples applied to this new math site to solve problems involving. Posted by Edigley Alexandre October 4, at 2: Posted by StatsTrade October 4, at 2: Posted by Qwerty October 4, at 5: Wow this is great.

Posted by Dillon Korman October 5, at Posted by Philip Maymin October 5, at 2: Posted by David October 5, at 6: Examples section is great for new users. I have started using WolframAlpha. Posted by Madhav Tripathi October 17, at 3: Posted by Andy Solvee December 2, at 8: Posted by Jacob provilla June 27, at Posted by bhavya joshi July mth, at 7: Posted invplving Valerio Bozzolan August 5, at 2: Involvihg by Bob October 25, at 9: Posted by Dalton December 17, at 8: Posted by Bobby January involfing, at Posted by Pradeep January 22, at 3: Yes, Pradeep, this can be done in Mathematica 9, via the Wolfram Alpha integration.

Posted by Peter Barendse January 24, at 2: Posted by Jamee Smith Poblems 3, at 8: Posted by N L March 13, at 9: Can someone help me solve this right away a swimming pool is formed by the intersection of two circles whose radii are both 9m. Posted by math site to solve problems involving March 19, at 4: Sits by William April 10, at Posted by Mary March 20, at 8: Its great maty be here.

I hope to gain and be a mathematician in future. Posted by Aderogba March 23, at 5: Where on this website can I write word problems to get help with answers? Posted by Sandi April 25, at 9: Posted by Nicole June 1, math site to solve problems involving 2: Posted by Roxanne Clever June 26, at 4: Posted by Alexandra Elvin July 23, at 4: Posted by sara July 24, at 7: Posted by emily July 25, at 5: Posted by Lisa August 22, at Posted by johnie August math site to solve problems involving, at 2: Posted by madison September 9, at 8: Posted by Brooke September 15, at Using digits are placed in the following three boxes, what box would the number 0 go.

Box one has 1,4,7 Box two has 2,5 Box three has 3,6,8,9 Digit sort problem?

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Posted by Lutresia September 16, at 2: Posted by kanisha September 24, at 7: Posted by George September 27, at 2: Posted by Ty October 1, at 4: The larger of 2 numbers is 7 more than twice the smaller. Their sum is Find the two numbers. Posted by John Doherty October 7, at 5: Posted by moga October 19, at 2: Posted by Peter Barendse October 21, at 2: Posted by Tania November 2, at 5: Posted by Alsadih November 2, at 8: Posted by Cierra November 9, at 4: Check for membership in larger sets, such as the rationals or the transcendental numbers.

Visualize functions, equations and inequalities. Do so in 1, 2 or 3 dimensions.

Wolfram|Alpha Pages

Make polar and parametric plots. Find roots of and expand, factor or simplify math site to solve problems involving expressions—everything from polynomials to fields and groups. Compute integrals, derivatives and limits as well as sire sums, products and series. Compute the properties of geometric objects of various kinds in 2, 3 or higher involvnig. Explore and apply ideas from many subfields of geometry.

Analyze integers; subsets of the integers, including the prime numbers; and related ideas. Explore sequences and recurrences, solve common problems in combinatorics and compute properties of graphs and lattices.

Are you stuck on a math problem? We'd like to help you solve it.

Perform numerical analysis and optimization of systems and mafh, including packing and covering of objects and control systems. Evaluate Boolean logic expressions and expressions involving sets and set operators. Examine the properties of mathematical functions, such as continuity, surjectivity and parity.


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