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Another common problem is the misuse of lines and histograms. Lines joining data only can be used when presenting time series or consecutive samples data e.

Aside from simplifying the work of editors by having everyone use the same format for a given publication, using APA Style makes it easier for readers to understand a text by pxrts a familiar structure they can follow. There are various formats for tables, depending upon the information you wish to include.

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I would also add that most online databases such as JSTOR have online texts read: books available.

The APA also has a website that allows you to order the book online and read some of their frequently asked questions about APA style. Researcg third part should give the reader a quick summary of the form that the parts of the research paper is going to take and should include a condensed version of the discussion.

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Include error bars in your bar graphs, and note what the bars represent in the figure caption:


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In this case, make rdsearch that you refer to it. This is probably the most variable part of any research paper, and depends on the results and aims of the experiment.

main parts of an apa research paper must explain

For quantitative researchit is a presentation of the numerical results and data, whereas for qualitative research it should be a broader discussion of trends, without going into too much detail. For research generating a lot of resultsthen it is better to include tables or graphs of the analyzed data and leave the raw data in the appendix, so that a researcher can follow up and check your calculations.

A commentary is essential to main parts of an apa research paper the results together, rather than just displaying isolated and unconnected charts and figures. It can be quite difficult to find a good balance between the results and the discussion section, because some findings, especially in a quantitative or descriptive experimentwill fall into a grey area.

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Try to avoid repeating yourself too often. It rezearch best to try to find a middle path, where you give a general main parts of an apa research paper of the data and then expand on it in the discussion - you should try to keep your own opinions and interpretations out of the results section, saving that for the discussion later on.

This is where you elaborate on your findings, and explain wn you found, adding your own personal interpretations. Ideally, you apq link the discussion back to the introduction, addressing each point individually. In keeping with the hourglass principle, you can expand on the topic later in the conclusion. The conclusion is where you build on your discussion and try to relate your findings to other research and to the world at large. In a short research paper, it may be a paragraph or two, or even a few lines.

In a dissertation, it may well be the most rdsearch part of the entire paper - not only does it describe the results and discussion in detail, it emphasizes the importance of main parts of an apa research paper results in the field, and ties it in with the previous research.

Some research papers require a recommendations section, postulating the further directions of the research, as well as highlighting how any flaws affected the results. In this case, you should suggest any improvements that could be made to the zn design.

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No paper is complete without a reference listdocumenting all the sources that you used for your research. This should be laid out according to APAMLA or other specified format, allowing any interested researcher to follow up on the research. One habit that is becoming more common, especially with online papers, is to include a reference to your own paper on the final page.

Check out our quiz-page with tests about:. Martyn Shuttleworth Jun 5, Parts of a Research Paper. Retrieved Jan 25, from Explorable. The text in this article is licensed under the Creative Commons-License Attribution 4.

You can use it freely with some kind of linkand we're also okay with people reprinting in publications like books, blogs, newsletters, course-material, papers, wikipedia and presentations with clear attribution.

students main parts of an apa research paper way

The following pages walk you through the details of writing citations and developing a reference reseaech at the end of your paper.

Read these guidelines carefully! It is important that you refer to your sources according to APA Style so your readers can quickly follow the citations to the reference page and then, from there, locate any sources that might be of interest to them. They will expect this information to be presented in a particular style, and any deviations from that style could result in confusing your readers about where you obtained your information.

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This material may not be published, reproduced, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of fair use. Welcome to the Purdue OWL. Examples of references to journal articles start on p.

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Digital object identifiers DOIs are now included for electronic sources see pp. If the journal name had multiple words, each of the major words would be capitalized. Psychological Assessment21, Psychology 6 th ed. There are various creative writing degree personal statement for tables, depending upon the information you wish to include.

See the APA manual. Tables can be single or double-spaced. If you have more than one figure, each one gets its own page. Underneath the figure provide a label and brief caption e. Include error bars in your bar graphs, and note what the bars represent in the figure caption: When including the citation as part of the sentence, use AND: Try to avoid using secondary sources in your papers; in main parts of an apa research paper words, try to find the primary source and read it before citing it in your own work.

Snow as cited in Milgram, argued that, historically, the cause of most criminal acts Additional Navigation About Us History.


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