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Short Stories Ray Bradbury:

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Short Stories Ray Bradbury: The police car, a representative of the powers in control, disapprove of his behavior, but the entire society disapproves as well.

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These… Words - Pages 4. Is advancement, regardless of the consequences, a positive step in the right direction?

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Discussion Questions for "The Pedestrian" by Ray Bradbury

The car informs him that he is being taken to a psychiatric center because of his regressive tendencies. His behavior is not acceptable in society - no one walks anymore and it is queer that he continues to do so as his primary hobby. En route, they pass his house, which is the only house that answesr lit up and inviting to the outside eye.

Ray Bradbury: Short Stories

Mead's behavior is completely atypical of the society in which he lives. Once again, Pedestrin shows his skepticism of technology and "progress" in "The Pedestrian. Mead's behavior is deemed threatening even though it is not hurting anyone - the powers in charge believe that his determination to walk every night could upset their the pedestrian critical thinking questions answers stability.

He does not have a viewing screen in his house, which is expected of the members of this society. His behavior proposes an alternative activity that the government does not approve of, and this threatens the pedestrian critical thinking questions answers monopoly on control. The act of ostracizing someone who is different than the rest of the group pedeztrian again, which is a common theme in Bradbury's stories.

The police car, a representative of the powers in control, disapprove of his behavior, but the entire society disapproves as well. Ostracizing him is another form of censorship. His lit up house is symbolic of his difference from the rest of society.

He is very easily identified as someone who is different. The story calls into question the idea of progress for the sake of progress. An automated police car is programmed to stop Mr. Mead, even though he has not committed an offense. There is no room for human discretion and judgment in a world that is fully automated.

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Additionally, the viewing screen is considered a way to distract the public and keep them under the watchful eye of the government. A roaming public that is out walking is much harder to control than one that is stationed in front of its television set.

Thus Bradbury's story raises the question of, "What does progress really mean? Is advancement, regardless of the consequences, a positive step in the right direction? Additionally, this story highlights the dangers and "slippery slope" of a government determining what is best for a the pedestrian critical thinking questions answers of people without their input.

What exactly does "regressive tendencies" mean, and who has decided that walking means being regressive? Does our society resemble that of the pedestrian's, and if the pedestrian critical thinking questions answers does, is that a good or bad thing? Once again, Bradbury's stories prompt us to reflect on our surroundings and continue to be relevant despite a different temporal age.


the pedestrian critical thinking questions answers The Question and Answer section for Ray Bradbury: Because he probably felt that if this continues as a problem, then he probably tried to tell the future. I think he meant by uncomfortable walk, because no one in this setting took walks, that is why he was pulled over.

This send a message, the imagery just makes it more visual in your head so that it is easier to picture it and relate to 6. Stay where you are! Stop and Frisk is a big issue because any person that is stopped because they are suspected to be carrying a concealed weapon or possible drugs is now a big issue because some people will try to sue the police department if they were stopped for no reason.

the pedestrian critical thinking questions answers articles are

Robotic Cops, No people that take walks. That he will be released and he will continue to do the same best essay competition in the pedestrian critical thinking questions answers form of protest The sidewalks and also the very quiet roads, they symbolize the seriousness put into him It went from a very visual characterization to a very serious and ironic characterization The tone would be very serious due to the violated rights of his making him look very dumbfounded and abnormal.

Questipns that lead to criminal justical attention and that people that were doing abnormal things answsrs be considered a small criminal suspect. Which brings up that different people would be considered abnormal. Meaning abnormal thought towards things. Also meaning mental or dumbfounded Essay about Discrimination and Correct Answer Feedback: Answer Selected… Words - Pedestiran Revenue and Answer Essay [pic]Question 5 0.


In a world where taking a walk at midnight or so is considered completely out of the normal because they want to get some air and… Words - Pages 3. Pedewtrian there will be a key word or phrase that will clue you in to the correct… Words - Pages 3. History Essay Short Answer implemented.

These… Words - Pages 4. Sound and Answer Key Essay from the superior colliculus C.


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