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Students have the opportunity to submit their own project proposals in the summer prior to taking Capstone as well as in the first week of classes.

The time you take to do this will pay big dividends when you start writing your paper. Remember, your research topic and plan is not "set in stone" this englneering in the process.

For those taking prerequisite courses in either summer term, you can register once the grades are available.

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Capstone Engineering Design Project. MIME Capstone Design is a week course in which Oregon State mechanical, industrial, manufacturing, and energy systems engineering seniors design and implement workable solutions to real-world engineering problems.

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45X Capstone Design

The teams interact with the project sponsor to define design specifications and expected results. For sponsors, it is an excellent way to leverage cost effective "research and development" while inspring students with "real-world" experience.

mechanical engineering capstone design projects paper for

Download a brochure [PDF] about our program. Examples of some recent Capstone Design Projects. Online form to submit a project proposal. MIME Capstone Design project sponsorship is a two-way relationship that promises significant returns for your participation. Students are responsible for all aspects of their project, including:. Proposal Submission Your MIME capstone project proposal should include mechanical engineering capstone design projects descriptive title, brief summary of problem, and concise listing of project requirements and constraints.

The student team will work with your company to finalize the requirements.

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This individual typically makes several trips to campus and also may host the team for onsite visits. Team Interaction Expectations Project sponsor—student team interactions are extremely important and should occur regularly throughout mechanical engineering capstone design projects project.

The project mentor must approve the documentation generated at each project milestone. These documents serve as contracts for capstlne the project team must accomplish. The Capstone Engineering Design project is a supervised design, simulation or experimental project involving the definition of a design problem, carrying out the research and design, and demonstrating results. Teams consist of students. Capstone provides students the opportunity to demonstrate good judgment, challenge and enhance their ability to solve open-ended design problems, and improve team work skills.

MIME Capstone Design

Solving real industrial problems is encouraged and is facilitated by course coordinators and project supervisors. Students have the opportunity to submit their own project proposals in the summer prior mechanical engineering capstone design projects taking Capstone as well as in the first week of dar essyaha. Once the majority of students are registered for the course, the course co-ordinator s will send detailed information, by e-mail, explaining how and when you are projexts to submit your proposal.

Only a limited number and only excellent student proposed projects will be selected. Alternately, students who do not wish to make a proposal can select from a list of engineering projects available at the beginning of the Fall term.

Capstone Design Description

Based on this selection, the course co-ordinator s will engineerring your Capstone team. Every year, students in Mechanical and Industrial engineering compete to win various awards given by the department.

These awards include the Richard Cheng Design Award for mechanical engineering students, along with awards from the department given to selected teams in both mechanical and industrial engineering.


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