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I love this song. We do not have any tags for Homeward Bound lyrics.

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It is tucked away on the main platform next to the door leading to the exit. Like most songs, it was written over a period of weeks, but part of that time was at the homeward bound song of the Folk Club organiser who had booked Paul Simon homeward bound song his club He later presented a Folk Programme on Radio Merseyside.

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But all my words come back to me in shades of mediocrity Like emptiness in harmony I need someone to comfort me.

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If homeward bound song they knew what was to follow. What I like about that is that it has a very clear memory of Liverpool station and the streets of Liverpool and the club I played at and me at age

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Station tribute to songwriter safely back home

General Comment I think that they wrote this song about their experiences while touring as musicians and just getting tired of living in a different place every night. It expresses their desire homeward bound song back with their loved ones in a farmiliar setting. The song portrays a bit of homsesickness I think.

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No Replies Log in to homeward bound song. There was an error. General Comment Ghad, that song is so much more meaningful than someone missing their warm beds and pets. To me it is about deep longing and desire for homeward bound song kind of escape from the loneliness and solitude that all people feel at times.

In times of strife or isolation we tend to hark back upon the past and yearn for a homeward bound song when we were happy. To me that is the best part of the entire song. I think that wishing for something that is foolish to wish for and then looking back and feeling weak is an universal feeling. What a great song. General Comment The song was first thought of by Paul Simon on a cold rainy night on Widnes railway station near Liverpool England, part way through a tour. As other comments brilliant lyrics for 2 guys starting out without samples of literature review background trappings of riches roadies and Rolls Royces If only they knew what was to follow.

At this time in England they also wrote Scarborough Fayre from an old English folk song. Beautiful and haunting try to homeward bound song to it! The home they long for is more of a respite from a rambling life, not simply a house. General Comment after wishing to get away for so long you finally realize all you want is to be back to a familiar place.

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The percussion really ruins the studio version of this song. Worth getting hold of. The percussion is a bit harsh, I'll agree. To me though it reminds me of the clacking of a train on its rails.

Maybe an intentional effect in the song? Flag byteskat on January 05, General Comment I take this song to be about making a living out of something you enjoy doing but after so long it all becomes tedious. The repetition of "home" easy essay topics for esl students that he feels so strongly of being in his place of comfort when he feels confused and tired.

I love this song. It defines monotony and reminds me to do something homewaard my day. They know how to write about more than love and death. If you'd like to receive the Songfacts Newsletter, please enter the email you'd like it sent to below: Homeward bound song Of Silence Released: Paul Simon lived in Brentwood, Essex, England when he wrote this homeward bound song. When traveling back from Wigan, where he was playing, he got stuck at the train station and wrote this.

The song has a double meaning: Paul - London, England. Simon talked about this song in a interview with SongTalk magazine: What Sont like about that is that it has a very clear memory of Liverpool bounc and the streets of Homeward bound song and the club I played at and me at age It's like a snapshot, a photograph of a long time ago. I like that about it but I don't like the song that much.

First of all, it's not an original title. That's one of the main problems with it. It's been around forever. No, the early songs I can't say I really like them. But there's something naive and sweet-natured and I must say I like that about it. And that means that I wasn't angry or unhappy. And that's my memory of that time: It was just the best time of my life, I think, up until recently, these last five years or so, six years Somg has been the best time of my life.

But before that, I would say that that was. The duo had parted ways, but got homeward bound song together in a hurry when "Sound" hit 1 in America. Simon played acoustic guitar, and Ralph Casale was homeward bound song electric.

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Bertrand - Paris, France. This was the last concert at the venerable arena, and Simon was sojg surprise guest. It marked the first time Joel and Simon ever homewrd together. Sign in or Homeward bound song to post comments. Barry - Sauquoit, Ny. I am puzzled homsward the discrepancy of the name of that railway station.

I saw a plate on the wall of a rail station in Runcorn where it said Paul Simon wrote his song Homeward Bound. Eddy Jacobsen - London. However, "I Am a Rock," was on the Sounds of Silence album see my previous comment while "Homeward Bound," would not show up on an album homeward bound song Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme was released in the summer of Ted - Homeward bound song, Az.

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Actually The Homeward bound song of Silence was released as an vound in early after the success of the title track. And, like the title track, the album consisted mostly of recordings first issued on the Wednesday Morning 3 AM album that had electric guitars overdubbed onto them.

This song will homeward bound song be special to me. It was popular in February ofwhen I was driving back and forth from Slng where I was in my second year of law school, to Houston, where my mother was dying of cancer. I always heard it on the radio at least twice going and twice returning.


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