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This worksheet consists of two parts.

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Besides having students create similes using common structures, test comprehension by asking them to explain the meaning behind their sentences.

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Everything at Once Similes Song Worksheet:

Helpful Definitions and Examples

Simile worksheet. by ash_mckeown - Teaching Resources - Tes secured by

Simile Worksheets

A crossword with a lot of the very common similes in English. Homewor his three-liner comes from the basic conversations section. Students ,s2 the conversation and then use the patterns to describe some aliens.

S tudents describe animals and objects on an alien world using 'like' constructions. S tudents play the game 'Chinese whispers' to see which team can relay a description of an alien back to the teacher first. There are four aliens to be described by four teams. Teachers should post one or simile homework ks2 copies at the front of the class and then stand at the back of the class with another copy to keep simile homework ks2 of students' progress.

Printable Simile Worksheet Activities

Other worksheets that introduce literary devices simile homework ks2 students at an elementary level: Simile Worksheet T his collection of worksheets explores similes using 'like' or 'as'. Simile Worksheet Simile With 'As' Worksheets T hree versions of a worksheet in which students write similes using 'as' and adjectives.

I recommend that you teach any of the This worksheet practices similes in order to equip EFL students with more tools for writing descriptive paragraphs. It is aimed at elementary level students. It can be used as a follow-up activity Identifying Figures of Speech candice. Different activities where students are to kill a mockingbird essays about courage to identify simile, metaphor, personification, pun simile homework ks2 onomatopoeia.

Students are required to identify and provide definitions for various figures Everything At Once [As Tis song is a good way to repeat or teach the as You can divide it in two parts using the first part for explaning the as Everything At Once by Lenka [Alternative] burcumss.

It contains a worksheet gap filling activity, some of the words were also supported by pictures for very be Everything At Once by Lenka yhsuna. I used it for teaching as I believe they enjoyed it very much. I hope your kids will like it too. The song itself is quite relaxing too: Similes PowerPoint Presentation Erlinda. A simile is the comparison of simile homework ks2 unlike things using the word 'like' or 'as'. And in this presentation there are pictures for some of the similes.

It is suitable for visual learners. The Animal World didarka.

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This worksheet is very useful for elementary students who are having this topic, because there are lots simile homework ks2 exercises to practice and to learn about our friends and little brothers - animals. You can give the worksheet to the students and ask them to simile homework ks2 in the blanks with words that they know Quick as a Cricket: Simple multiple choice worksheet to go along with the book Quick as a Cricket.

Expands knowledge from the story for them to think of other animals that can be described using simple adjectives. Comparatives, Superlatives, Similes ciddo.


It's a nice exercise which can be used as a quiz or worksheet. It has two parts. In the first part simile homework ks2 have to fill in the Idioms and Similes Quiz gatoverde. A multiple choice quiz to review idioms and similes. A lovely resource for lower ability year 3's. Thank you Twinkl x. Will be using this in my figurative language unit along with the story Quick as a Cricket.

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